3 Steps to Secure Your Mac

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Over the past few weeks Macs have been hit with a widespread malware attack. Per capita, the Flashback trojan infected as many machines as Conficker, the Windows malware that made international news in 2008. For proud Mac users this is finally enough evidence to convince some that Mac malware actually exists.

Here’s what you need to do to secure your Mac:

1. Use our free tool that detects and removes the Flashback trojan.
Apple has not yet released a tool to remove Flashback. That’s why we’re offering this free tool that does two things very quickly. It detects Flashback and if you have it, it removes it. Follow the steps on the Labs’ blog now.

2. If you run an older version of Mac OS X, update to a current version.
Go to your Apple menu and select “Software Update”. If you can’t update to the most recent release, disable Java in your browser or uninstall Java. These instructions show you how to disable Java.

3. Consider a Mac antivirus.
Mac malware seems to come in fits. Check out this search of our Labs’ weblog to get a sense of how it’s becoming more common. You can hope that Mac’s control over the ecosystem will keep it relatively immune to malware in the future. Or you can take the same advice we offer for every computer you own, keep your system and security software updated. We, of course, offer an Mac Antivirus.




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