How Antivirus Protects You


There are many excellent reasons to follow F-Secure’s Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen on Twitter. On a nearly daily basis he breaks news about Internet security or digital life in general.

This Saturday, he used his feed to explain in just a few tweets why Internet security is so crucial.

A fellow Twitter user asked Mikko for evidence that people who use antivirus are less likely to be infected than people who do not.

Mikko picked a random sample that F-Secure blocks: 13ddbd794464b9dd47fdd5ad2cdc329f. He explained that it’s a version of the trojan Zeroaccess that’s blocked by nearly all major antiviruses.

And here’s what he found:

His next tweet was “We just saved 452 users whose computer would have been infected otherwise. Feels good man.”

That’s one day, one sample of the hundreds of thousands of malicious files we block. In just a few tweets, Mikko showed why what we do at F-Secure is so important and why following him on Twitter is such a constant treat.




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