How Security Helped Chrome Become the World’s Most Popular Browser

Security & Privacy

According to StatCounter, Google’s Chrome browser is now the number one browser in the world, replacing Microsoft’s Internet Explorer after a nearly a decade and a half. Microsoft has disputed StatCounter’s numbers but no one can deny that Chrome’s rise has been “meteoric”.

Why has Chrome grown so quickly since it was first launched less than four years ago?

Our Chief Research Officer @Mikko Hyppönen has a theory: Security.

He gave this explanation at Google Zeitgeist 2012 on May 22:

Chrome is actually excellent in security senses. And I’m not saying that just because we are at a Google event.

Looking at real world statistics of people who surf the web and happen to visit a website that has an exploit kit waiting, users surfing with IE or Firefox have—in practice—a much higher risk of getting infected than users with Chrome. And I do believe that’s one of the reasons why Chrome bypassed IE in popularity globally just yesterday—after IE had been the number one browser in the world, Chrome became number one just yesterday.


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I have a better theory: HTML5 + stability.

While security and stability often go hand in hand, the simple fact is that there is so much rampant piracy in the world that the majority of Windows users (those who would normally be using IE), that the only cost effective way for them to use a stable browser with newer functionality is to use a 3rd party browser. Chrome, as Google’s poster child, is the most recommended browser to the typical user, so users are gradually switching – whether they know it or not.

I have used Chrome for the last few years as my main browser. I found it slightly easier and quicker to do things with e.g. manage tabs etc and as a heavy Linkedin user I found it was quicker in rendering their pages. Once you get used to a browser and learn the shortcuts, I reason that inertia just keeps you there unless something changes. Chrome almost lost me a couple of times due to bugs – especially with flash on Youtube, but it seems to have ironed those out.

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