3 Things You Need to Know About the Cloud

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1. It’s taking over.
In March of this year, the analysts at Gartner made a bold prediction: “The reign of the personal computer as the sole corporate access device is coming to a close, and by 2014, the personal cloud will replace the personal computer at the center of users’ digital lives…”

In less than two years, Gartner expects millions of users to transition from the personal computing, hardware-centered ecosystem of the last two generations to a cloud computing experience that is virtually the same on all devices. Billions of people already use cloud services like Facebook and Youtube. But soon, many experts think, the cloud will be the primary way you interact with digital media.

2. Your smartphones/PCs/Macs already support it.
For years, experts assumed computers, phones and wallets would merge into one super device. Some thought the tablet might be the technology they’ve been waiting for. But what has actually happened is that many users now rely on up to three devices– a PC, a smartphone and a tablet.

Any Internet-connected device connects you to the cloud. Apps are already making the experience on each of smart device more and more similar on all devices.

Steve Kleynhans, research vice president at Gartner, said, “Emerging cloud services will become the glue that connects the web of devices that users choose to access during the different aspects of their daily life.”

3. The cloud will only win if it is awesome.
Imagine having any photo you’ve ever taken instantly available on any on phone, tablet, laptop or even TV. Access any video you have at any time. Move a teleconference from a phone to a tablet and taking all the related files with you. And then back again.

Eventually, you’ll be able to save frame of every image, every document created or collected from birth on will be available on any wirelessly connected through one interface that always works the same.

“Many call this era the post-PC era, but it isn’t really about being ‘after’ the PC, but rather about a new style of personal computing that frees individuals to use computing in fundamentally new ways to improve multiple aspects of their work and personal lives,” Kleynhans said.

The meme “Content is king” has been around since the birth of broadband. But the true innovation of the cloud is that it will make users king. The services that provide the best, most useful tools will compete for billions of customers. And they will also compete when it comes to security.

As the cloud absorbs your computing life, keep in mind that your content is your kingdom. Store and share it wisely.

[CC image by fairytalelights]


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