What It Takes to Be an Internet Security 2013 Beta Tester

F-Secure Life

I have to be honest. We don’t make it super easy to become a Beta tester for Internet Security 2013.

To request an invite you have to tell us a bit about yourself and your computer experience. The point isn’t to make your life difficult. We just want to make sure that we find people who will really use the software and give us feedback on how to make it even better.

This year’s update includes several new features we’re proud of. Internet Security 2013 Beta supports Google Chrome—the world’s most popular browser. Browsing Protection no longer depends on a browser plugin, offering better performance regardless of which browser you’re using. Deepguard, our behavioral engine, is improved and the Beta now uses the Windows firewall with more filters for extra protection.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to play with and possibly break new technology, we’d appreciate your time. Become a Beta tester. You get six months subscription to the product, a chance to influence the product and chance to win prizes—if you’re one of the best of best when it comes to providing feedback.

Thanks for your time and helping us produce the best protection possible.



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