Are You Nervous About Sharing Online?

Security & Privacy

Our new study finds that people  around the world are sharing more pictures, videos and documents than ever before. Yet they’re still nervous about losing control of their irreplaceable content.

Take a look:

Our Content Anywhere solution gives you the ability to share any of your content on any of your devices anytime without losing control of it. Until that’s available to all users, here are a few suggestions on how to keep control of your content.

1. Share your images through email.
It’s never a good idea to broadcast your location on Facebook or any social network to anyone you wouldn’t tell in purpose. Still, many of us like to share our images in real time. So you can always share the old fashioned way — email. This removes the worry of who exactly you’re sharing with when you don’t want your pictures to spread out over your network.

2. Be careful when sharing “unlisted” YouTube videos.
YouTube has a handy option that allows you to share a video directly only with people who have the link. This feature doesn’t prevent anyone from sharing that link or posting that link on other sites. There have been instances of unlisted videos going viral. To be safe when you want to keep a video private, choose the private setting and invite specific users to see it.

3. Remove the location data from your images.
Even if you’re sharing your content, you may may not want to reveal your location or the location of your kids. Yet the images you share may be doing just that unless you’ve made sure to turn off the location data stored in your images. Here’s how to disable the location meta-data your phone may be adding to your images.


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