5 Things You Should Know About Online Crime

Threats & Hacks

Our Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen recently sat down for a brief discussion on online crime. Below are five of the most important things he explained about online crime and what you can do to prevent it.

1. There is no geography online. You’re as likely to be a victim of a criminal from across the globe as across the street. It is as if the Internet has given free plane tickets to criminals all over the world.

2. It’s probably more likely that you’ll be a victim of crime online than in the real world.

3.There are three groups responsible for most online threats: criminals, hacktivists/online activists and governments. They all have different targets. Criminals target everyone, often in search of credit card numbers. Hacktivists are trying to send a message or play a joke and are difficult to interpret or defend against. Governments generally target other governments.

4. There are precautions that make using the Internet is usable: always back up your files, keep your software patched and always have security software running.

5. Despite online crime, the Internet is still responsible for much more good than bad. That’s why we must protect it.



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