Don’t Let Facebook “Likes” Hurt Your Friendships

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You know that elections can easily trigger fights and grudges that last long after votes are cast. Knowing this, many families and friends who disagree about the candidates they support agree to not discuss politics. Likewise, it can be problematic to bring up politics at work when most people keep their opinions to themselves.

In the US, we’re in the middle of an election where social media is playing a huge role in seeking support and donations. For millions of Americans, “liking” a candidate on Facebook is an easy way to keep stay in touch with or show a little support for a candidate. Of course, your friends will see that you’ve liked a page. But that’s just one quick event in your newsfeed.

However, there’s another way your political “likes” may show up on the site that you should keep in mind. Facebook automatically opts you into your social ads program. This means it can use your name to tell your friends that you’ve liked a page on Facebook. So you may see an ad that says “Your  friend likes Mitt Romney” or “Your friend likes Barack Obama” if they’ve liked that candidates page. Or let’s say you’ve liked the page of a candidate you don’t actually like to keep up with his or her activities. That candidate can still use your name to advertise to friends.

If you’re worried about your political views getting between you and your friends and family on Facebook, there’s two simple things you can do.

1. Avoid liking political pages on Facebook.

2. If you enjoy keeping up with politics on Facebook but want to keep your views to yourself, just turn off Facebook’s social Ads.

  • Just go to “Account Settings”.
  • Click on “Facebook Ads”.
  • Click on “Edit social ads setting”
  • Next to “Pair my social actions with ads for” select “No one”.
  • Click “Save Changes”.

There you go.

[CC image by west.m]


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Thank you so much!! I had no idea that “liking” would follow me like that on the social networks part. I really appreciate you letting us know! Is it okay if I pass this information on to my family and friends? Please let me know. Thanks so much!

Jag vill gärna att Facebook ta bort alla uppgifter om min person med bild.
Kan ni hjälpa mig för jag få fortfarande e-mailpost från Facebook fast att jag skickade ett avmäldande och ett upphörande av abonnemanget till Facebook.

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