Stop Using Internet Explorer For Now

Threats & Hacks

UPDATE: Microsoft has issued an update to secure Internet Explorer. Our Internet Security 2013‘s Browsing Protection keeps you safe on any browser you use.

Microsoft is warning about a vulnerability in its Internet Explorer browser that is actively being exploited to inject the Poison Ivy Trojan.

No simple update is available and the fix Microsoft suggests is complicated. The flaw is only in Internet Explorer versions 9 and earlier. Internet Explorer 10, which is bundled with Windows 8, is not affected.

For this reason, F-Secure Labs is currently recommending that you avoid using Internet Explorer. “We know that this vulnerability has been used by criminals,” Mikko Hypponen, F-Secure’s Chief Research Officer said. “The only secure way to use the internet is to change your browser.”

Our Labs blog suggests, “You can take a pick from Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 10 for now.”

Image by hashir.


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I patch to IE arrived shortly after this situation became widely known. Can anyone confirm that the patch did or did not address this specific problem?

I went back to using IE, but should I still be waiting?

email says two contradictory things : “f secures internet protection 2013 keeps you safe on any browser” and ” the only secure way to use the internet is to change your browser.” Which is it please? It surely cant be both!

I have stopped using IE ever since IE6 , never did like IE versions as it always caused havoc no matter what the event was . I now run Sun Solaris OS , never had a virus/bug since 🙂

Running sun solaris is a lot like driving a very old car or scooter that you don’t have to lock because nobody wants to steal it.

De gustubus non est disputandum.

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