Do You Have Java Plug-in In Your Browser? You’re Vulnerable

Threats & Hacks

If you’re one of the more than one billion people who uses the Java plug-in for your web browser, our Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen has tweeted message for you:

Java plug-in vulnerabilities haven long presented opportunities for online criminals. In December of last year, Mikko wrote, “Do you need Java in your web browser? Seriously, do you? If not, get rid of it.”

How do you get rid of the Java Plug-in? Our Labs has made a helpful guide for the following browsers:

Seriously, take Mikko’s advice and disable it now. And if you need to use it again, just disable it when you’re done.


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The UK MetOffice www[dot]metoffice[dot]gov[dot]uk would appear to need it in its new incarnation to make the weather graphics appear. I use Firefox 15 on XP and have never been able to get the new graphics up ; so I’m still using the old pages which will be taken down soon. Running XP home.

Ostaessani uuden tietokoneen siirsimme vuoden sopimuksemme uudelle tietokoneelleni ja entiselle asennettiin takasin Windows palomuuri ja virustorjunta. Kun laitoin entisen tietokoneen heidän ohjelmallaan tarkistukseen se löysi 2 tietoturvariskiä, jossa luki Java..ja jotakin. Miksi F -Securen virustorjunta ei ollut huolehtinut tästä. Olin myös poistanut heti Java´n tietokoneeltani, saatuani tiedon mediasta ohjelmiston vaaroista.

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