Ubiquitous security: From smartphone to smart TV, every device needs protection

Security & Privacy

The Internet has always been dynamic and fast-moving. And lately the changes have been exceptionally swift, even for the Internet – especially in terms of devices. It’s not that long ago that the world saw its first smartphone. The launch of the first tablet seems like yesterday. And now we have the smart TV.

Consumers are adopting these technologies just as quickly. According to F-Secure’s 2012 global consumer survey, 45% of consumers are already using smartphones to access the Internet, 18% are using tablets and 10% smart TVs. And the numbers are increasing all the time.

You might say that these developments are finally heralding the era of ubiquitous computing. But it’s important to remember that the attackers will follow the users. That’s why having up-to-date protection on all your devices is as critical as ever.

To that end, the newest version of F-Secure Mobile Security offers universal Android protection – for all your Android devices, even your smart TV or set top box. Smart TVs are a new frontier for threats from cybercriminals, so it’s reassuring to know that our solution is there to protect as the technology develops and the threats grow.

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