An ounce of prevention: Anticipating online threats in F-Secure Labs

F-Secure Life

This is a guest post from Karmina, an expert from F-Secure Labs. Enjoy!

Little is known about the team in the F-Secure Labs that focuses on tracking down threats. Usually, those contacting the Labs are looking for solutions such as detections and removals. Though mostly working in the background, I’m proud to be part of that team that deals with preventing threats from infecting further.

Proactive protection is my daily mantra. The usual question that I ask when analyzing a threat is where did it come from? If we are able to determine the source and block it from there, then it won’t proceed to infect your computer. My job is to spot threats and track down their possible sources, from social networks to email spams to application stores. Then I need to understand the threat’s behavior and how it spreads. They usually leave distinct trails and have certain characteristics that make them identifiable. It’s fun, in the sense that I feel like I’m a detective trying to uncover something. It’s like building a puzzle where I examine the pieces and put them together to see the bigger picture.

In the Labs, teamwork is important. I provide the information that I gather to other teams so they can build solutions such as website ratings, detections, and removals. We work together toward a common goal: to protect you and provide online safety. From blocking malicious URLs that push information-thieving wares into computers, to scouring application stores worldwide for Trojans disguised as interesting apps, we try to catch them all and protect the users.

Considering that I didn’t plan to get into this field, I’d have to say that I enjoy doing this. Due to constantly evolving threats, I learn a lot of new things daily. I feel fulfilled when I uncover a mystery. I’m glad I ended up in the online security field. My career is also why I’ve had the chance to live in three different countries. I get to see the world while doing interesting work. All in all, not bad!

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