What’s Your Favorite James Bond Gadget?

Infographics, Threats & Hacks

When the latest James Bond film was about to come out, the creative folks at F-Secure began to imagine how a Bond villain might use some some of the cyber threats we face. Here’s what we came up with:

Cyber Espionage: A Digital License To Kill?

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From jet packs to underwater cars, Bond movies have featured some technology that’s more fun than practical–at least so far. However, mobile phones and fingerprint security devices also turned up in Bond films before they existed in real life.

What’s your favorite Bond movie gadget? Let us know in the comments.

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The old Aston martin is nice with the ejector seat and hidden machine guns, etc., but I still am a fan of the White, Lotus Esprit that takes a swim !

sir,i am fan ur .ur movie i watch on tv.i ask u arrenge feauture watch gogles & make a movie.i hope this movie also hit other movie.& arrenge a invisible jacket also.&show man is invesible.thank you again.

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