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Holiday shopping is underway so we thought now was the perfect time to remind you that safe shopping leads to merry celebrations. Every year we release a list of the Most Dangerous Gifts for shoppers in the U.S. that always includes some safe shopping tips that are good for shoppers all over the world. They are:

  • Visit retailers’ websites directly if possible (e.g., vs. searching ‘Amazon’ on Google)
  • Use Internet security software that features browsing protection (or check links with F-Secure’s free Browsing Protection)
  • Always check a site’s URL before making any purchase (look to make sure you’re at the correct online store and that the page URL begins with https://, which means it’s secure)

You should also keep an eye on any credit card account you use for online shopping and your bank account on a regular basis to make sure all the transactions are correct.

To celebrate what we call the Safe Shopping Season we’re giving away a Nexus 10 tablet 16 GB with F-Secure Mobile Security.

All you have to do is answer the following question in the comments of this post: Do you plan on doing more shopping this holiday online and offline?

Just read the rules for this sweepstakes and post your answer below for your chance to win.

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I plan on shopping more online considering my kids want everything electronic and it is easier to find on websites than in stores.

I plan on dong less shopping this year both on and offline, due, of course, to the economy. Although I do order items throughout the year online, I usually do the majority of my Christmas shopping offline, as I like to physically shop for different things, especially for my kids and grandson. I like to be able to see it in person before I settle on purchasing it.

More shopping online than offline, my family mostly gets electronics, lego and books all of them easily bought online.

I plan on doing more shopping offline than online. I always like to look at things first, if I haven’t bought them before, especially for gifts. Even for things that I’ve bought before, I worry that at this time of year, if I buy online, the item might not be available. The exception is for items that I am giving to people that don’t live nearby. Amazon (and most reputable companies, including small ones) are usually able to ensure that items are shipped quickly.

I also plan on shopping more offline than online with the exception of using Amazon for distant friends/relatives.

During the time before Christmas I prefere shopping offline. I’m searching for special gifts and it is a real fun to me.

I plan on doing more online than offline shopping this holiday, mostly because I can get a better price for electronics/PC hardware online, than from retail stores available in my area.

I won’t be doing as much shopping this year, as previous years. I will be doing my shopping mostly offline.

Since I’ll buy stuffs in order to be given, I’ll do it offline ’cause I need to inspect them carefully… to be sure there’s no physical damage.

I’ll probably do less christmas shopping overall than previous years but most likely more online than offline.

Will be (have been) doing a bit more online shopping than the previous years. Vast majority still offline though.

I’ll go 50/50. But just because I was traveling in states after thanksgiving. Other wise it would be 80% online.

Other than grocery shopping I do most of my shopping online. I don’t like going into a store, seeing something that I like, and not knowing if it’s any good or if the store’s price is any good. Online I can instantly look for reviews and find the best price.

As far as if it’s safer to shop offline than online, I don’t think it necessarily is. All your information is online already whether you put it there or not. Plus you keep hearing more and more about brick and mortar stores having their payment processing systems getting broken into.

I will do most of my shopping online as I know roughly what I want to get and I find price comparison online a big plus, and also the generally cheaper results.
Some gifts, like wine, will still be bought offline as there are a lot different kinds and I like the advice of store personal.

Hi, I prefer buying offline, it’s better to see, to touch, to feel what you’re buying, but buying online is also part of whole buying process, as usually christmas sales online are higher than offline(I mean price drop).

This year I plan to do more holiday shopping online. I feel that this way I can plan better and think more what my friends and family really need.

Online shopping is easier to price compare and there are no crowds. That;s why I do more online

I love to do a little shopping offline, but I do the majority of my shopping online in my spare time when it’s convenient for me.
Survey completed.

For added safety when visiting a site I am unfamiliar with I try not to use my credit card. I use PayPal because my credit card information is not shared. Another method to ensure safety that I stumbled upon when I received a prepaid cash card as a rebate. Even if that information is compromised there is only a limited dollar amount available.

If I do more shopping now, it would be offline because I would like to experience some christmas lights and festivities!

Survey Completed. Were some answers more correct than others? Or was this an perception and opinion survey.

We are finished mostly through stores, as I am unemployed gift giving will be bare bones

I will do most of my holiday shopping online. So much easier than fighting the crowds.

Survey completed as well.

I plan to do more shopping online this year. Variety is better and I can use the reviews and comments of other shoppers to make an informed buying decicion. Thank You.

I do most of my shopping online from a laptop. Would love to have a F-Secured Tablet, would feel more a ease with credit info.

I would say shopping more online than offline because seems that many E-tailors are getting fairly agressive on pricing.

Survey Completed. I mostly shop in person not online. I am a “gotta touch it, gotta see it” shopper.

I only have about 75% of my holiday shopping completed so I still have some shopping to do, mainly for my wife and an uncle who are the hardest to shop for. I plan on doing most of it online away from the wild-eyed frantic holiday drivers and shoppers. Amazon FTW!

I plan to do most of my shopping offline! I don’t trust the US post office after they keep sending my packages to other people! When you spend money on a gift card, post office gives it to someone else, and they spend it-it kind of ticks you off!

I am doing a bit more offline shopping this year to take advantage of some sales not offered online

Most of my holiday shoppings are offline, especially for something small such as decorations and things that I need to see it in real life.. For books, films, phones, the online retailers usually have more offers, so I bought these kinds of stuffs there.

Survey Completed and I am doing more online Christmas shopping this year than last – more people to shop for and I have found some really good deals.

Survey Completed – I am doing more Christmas shopping online this year because I have more people to shop for and I found some really good deals.

I plan on doing most of my shopping online if i can. But as christmas approaches, I might make some in store purchases.

I prefer to shop online because I think I can find better deals using coupon codes but occasionally I like to touch the merchandise for myself and make sure it’s the right gift.

I’ll reluctantly do a little of both online & “off-line” shopping.

“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.” Charles Dickens.

I plan on doing more shopping online; other than a wider selection online, I live in a rural town.

I have almost finished my shopping and most is from online deals over the year and a few were in store deals.

I have already completed the majority of my shopping and almost all of it was online. I’m not very fond of long lines and crowds! I like to read online reviews and shop for great deals and its very easy to compare deals online and then quickly checkout!

Yes, I definitely plan on doing more shopping–I’n nowhere near finished. And I will do mostly online, with some “offline” thrown in for good measure.

My shopping has already begun, and it is all online so far. All the more expensive items will be purchased inline; small things like cards and candy at a local store.

Yes, i not only plan to do more online shopping, i am doing online shopping mostly. About 70% items i buy are purchased online.


I do slightly more of my shopping offline then online but some might be considered hybrid, where I order online and pickup in a physical store.


Quite an odd survey – it assumes that I on facebook, which distorts the answers a bit. I do more shopping online, but not out of choice. All the shops in the real world are going out of business.


Quite an odd survey – it assumes that I am on facebook, which distorts the answers a bit. I do more shopping online, but not out of choice. All the shops in the real world are going out of business.

I plan on doing more holiday shopping offline, because I don’t buy that many gifts, mainly for my young niece and nephew, and for them, it’s better if I see these in person.

I do plan on doing more shopping online and offline as I have quite a bit of purchases to do still.


If I do win though, could you make mine a “Google Nexus 10 16 GB Wi-Fi” and not a “Google Nexus 10 16 MB Wi-Fi” as stated in the contest rules? 🙂

I will be doing most of my shopping offline; I will, however, do a little shopping online.

I will most likely do more online shopping this year than last year. But most of the shopping i’ll still do offline.

I plan to do most of my shopping online because during the holiday season many businesses offer free shipping and deep discounts and/or free items with purchase.

For the past 5+ years I’ve done 90% of my holiday shopping online, and this year will be the same.

I already have all my shopping done but I prefer online shopping. I’m not crazy about the mad rush shopping with the crowds.

planning to do the same on line shopping as last year, and hit the mall after the holiday season has ended

About half and half, I like to shop on line and have gift sent directly to person so I save extra shipping costs.


Even though the survey starts with the faulty assumption that everyone uses Facebook, but at least you don’t have to select an answer to every question and I answered question 6. “very concerned”, from which a clever data analyst could make the correct assumption(s).

Last year I did much more online shopping than offline. This will probably continue this year although my overall shopping will probably be less.

Yes, I am planning to shop in the near future, wine and probably a tablet. Awaiting more alternatives with Win 8 Pro. A Nexus 10 would be nice, just bought a Nexus 7 for my wife. Impressing!

No shopping this weekend because I work both friday saturday and sunday. It`s a good weekend no time for shopping in stores and no time to shop at internet. I save mauch money.

I plan on doing LESS Christmas shopping in general, and most of what we do offline – we’re trying to cut down on how much we buy at Christmas anyway. Also trying to encourage Second-hand / Thrift shop presents in our family.

I plan to do more Christmas shopping online this year as I tend to find the best deals there and can avoid the rush.

I always have more Christmas shopping to do and yes its done online because I can ship direct to the person and only pay for shipping once

I plan to do more OnLine than InStore purchasing, simply because I can do it early before going to work. Must ask: did you mean to title your survey “Safer Survery”?

My online and offline shopping will most likely end up about 50 – 50. I usually do most of my earlier shopping online, and, then, as Christmas draws nearer I end up in the stores! MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Shopping online is so much easier for me, and I do more of it each year. I trust F-Secure to keep safe whether shopping or banking, and I have for a long time.

I plan on doing more offline than online shopping this holiday, mostly because I can see some details of products in reality and the payments are safer.

I will spend about equal online and in the shops. It’s good to support our local shops otherwise they’ll be gone forever.

I have mobility problems, so tend to do most of my gift shopping (for myself and others!) online. Will probably get some more online shopping in before Christmas.

I plan to do very little shopping at all this year but if I was to go full throttle it would be mostly on-line. I’m not being a scrooge but with prices rising specially with food shopping and a pay increase freeze going into the third year I’ll be the cheapo uncle this year.

I plan on buying anything I can online. Shopping in stores is not a fun experience at the best of times, never mind the crazy holiday shopping season

The majority of my shopping has been online. I buy from places such as Amazon. I’m not doing more shopping on or offline.

I usually don’t do my Christmas shopping online, because I do it at the last minute and don’t want to pay for super-fast delivery. But it’s only a question of timing; if I have all my present ideas early enough this year, I’ll shop online.

Consider shopping via the web as very convenient and time saving and can also be extremely cost effective ,providing the correct research is done prior to ordering goods or services

Survey completed.
I will do more shopping in stores before Christmas, and plan on shopping online, too. I have some coupons from recent purchases which invite me back to buy yeet more!

Almost all offline, except some in store pick ups at Walliemart World, even did some shopping over the phone (how pre-historic!)

I will be shopping both off and on, but mostly on-line. I am hoping I can find the most wonderful of presents; a software application that will allow me to easily get rid of “Gossipbook” and “Twerper” from my phone and tablet etc. Please Santa help me! Can’t enter the survey it’s irrelevant to me.

I plan to do more shopping, some online, some in shops as I love the sights and sounds of Christmas, all those pretty white lights in trees etc……bliss!

This holiday I plan on doing more online shopping because I usually find a better price for electronics and computer hardware on online shops.

Being disabled & small business mgr, I utilize my computer & internet for so many things, including doing books, ordering & shopping (like now Christmas shopping for 15 grandchildren). SAFETY is most important to me! I wish I were done shopping! Happy Holidays!

I plan to shop mostly online It is more convenient, but I do miss the hands on! It makes me wat to do more after the shooting at the local mall. Too many crazy people out there.

I love tablets…I hope I win this nexus so I can see that it truly is the best!
i don’t know if I have to post this or not, but completed survey

I will be shopping “off-line” because people watching can’t be done “on-line” and people are funny!

I’ll do it online sometimes, depending on ho i feel. But mostly offline to get in the christmas air.

definitely will purchase 99.7% of everything online this year as I don’t want to be an Urashima 😉

Probably more offline for the holidays. But, year round we tend to do more online shopping than offline.

The Nexus tablets look reeaaally niiice. :-]

And always good to increase Internet-users’ awareness of malware/security concerns. It seems to obvious to many of us who do this all the time, but not so much to many less technical everyday users…

Yes, I do plan on doing more shopping online and offline!
Online for deals is the priority though.

I DO plan on more ONline shopping… I find the things the stores do not carry often. No wasting gas, time… I love having the things delivered right to my door. If I am very careful to wait for free shipping it costs about the same, too.

I budgeted the same amount this year as last. Every year I do more and more shopping online. It’s more convenient and the prices are usually better with a greater selection.

I did do more shopping this holiday…even though I didn’t have more money..and now I’m paying for it!

I plan on seeing if there are deals that I can’t pass up. There isn’t anything I really need so I might now buy anything!

I tried to shop exclusively online this year with the exception of supporting my local businesses.

Just in case, I’m going to enter another comment. I believe this should count as my second one for the contest. BTW, F-Secure is a great AV product.

I am doing less off line shopping this year. Online free shipping made online shipping a better deal.

Most of the shopping I’m doing this holiday is online. The only offline shopping will be for some specific sales actions.
I have to admit that I will do some more shopping this holiday then previous year.

😉 Bob

Would be great to win the Nexus. Then i can test F-Secure Mobile on a Tablet!
I haven´t got a tablet 😦

Greetz Hexo

I’m planning to do online shopping next year just as much as before – maybe once a month or so. Never had any difficulties so far.

Yes, did more shopping than usual this year but mainly to get the deals on stuff I’d normally purchase.

I do shopping both online and offline. I like online because it saves you time and I like offline because you can actually touch the products.

Love shopping after the holidays. In store. Would do more online if my old hp laptop worked half the time…..Santa bought the Nexus 7 to my daughter. It is just amazing! Anyone thinking about buying one, DO IT! Super fast, lots of apps with the google play store…One fine piece of equipment. I would love to own one…but mom comes last.

Doing a lot less shopping. Two kids in college, two layoffs in six years, lot of expenses, and neither side of our extended family exchanges gifts anymore. Part of me misses the shopping; part does not.

Only Sushi for tonight (offline buy sadly :/) – party on baby and a happy new year 2013 to everybody!

I planned to do more shopping online is year and that is exactly what I did. While shopping offline has its benefits, shopping online had more to offer the customer in terms of savings and other criticism aspects of shopping. Firstly, convenience is always a factor when one has a ton of work to do and can not seem to make it to the store. Also, with shopping online, I get to choose whether or not to wrap the product and if I want to send the product to the recipient by mail. I did the bulk of shopping online this year and it saved me: money, time and the risk of the product I want not being in stock.

Definitely I’ll make my purchases off-line. That way there’s isn’t a need to go guessing what the service feels like in my hands. Exceptions naturally are those which only need to exist like tickets.

Just thinking to buy new gadgets available on special discounts from local market. Will buy them offline. All the people shopping online must ensure the safe shopping. Keep going with the provided tips + ensure that always avoid clicking attractive banners and get more details on your own basis or ask experts, read reviews about what you are going to buy.

And, “SURVEY COMPLETED”. Most of those innovations are just incremental improvements not real innovations.

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