Holiday Reminder: Make your pictures last forever

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photoThis picture shows two of my best friends cuddled together in a perfect pose.

I love this grainy, quirky picture. I emailed it to my wife. I Facebooked it. I tweeted it.

I love it so much that I brought it to my local photo lab to be blown up so I could frame it and put it on my wall. Unfortunately, the resolution is so low that it’s hardly worth the print, let alone the frame.

The picture was taken with my iPhone, which is handy to catch perfect poses like this. This method is great for capturing digital images to share but they just don’t transfer into the real world all that well.

So here are two quick tips to make sure the irreplaceable images you create this holiday season.

1. Make sure you capture the images you want to turn into actual printed images on photo paper are taken with a high-resolution camera, meaning NOT your smartphone.

2. Keep a backup of all your images–high quality or not–somewhere outside of your home in case damage to your equipment and even your storage disks.

Facebook is probably better than nothing but you probably don’t share every image you want to keep. You can try our Online Backup for free.






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I take all my pictures with a Nokia phone with a minimum of 8 megapixels and above. The photos are all shot in RAW jpeg and are definitely photo-worthy. You may be able to get a better result if you take this photo to a friend that knows photoshop very well. I can personally suggest some sort of filter to be applied to this photo to make it pop a little better. If the photo is ‘grainy’, Photoshop has a built-in resampling mode that is purely amazing.

You may consider the 808 from Nokia. It has a 41 megapixel sensor and yes, is available in Finland. Cheers

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