How F-Secure helps operators stay ‘bot-free’

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Cybercrime doesn’t just affect end users. Infected networks cost providers huge losses through needing to deploy expensive internal resources to clean, repair and manage any damage caused. In addition to direct theft of data, operators experience additional financial pressures from increases in service calls from infected end-users, researching and refunding fraudulent charges, reduced network bandwidth and damaged brand association – let alone the risk of potential fines and penalties.

Reduce your risk, improve your anti-cybercrime activities, and enjoy more profitable customers with F-Secure AntiBot: a cutting-edge, new product specifically designed to clean an operator’s network of botnets.

  • Secure your network and attached devices
  • Provide customers a significantly differentiated offering via a more secure network
  • Reduce costs from increased help-desk usage, fraudulent billings, and repair costs associated with cyber crime
  • Provide customers with a safe and uncomplicated experience

F-Secure AntiBot is designed to automatically detect and identify infected network devices and remotely disinfect them. It can guide end-users through a simple cleanup process that reduces or eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming calls to your helpdesk and support services – thus providing a more customer-centric and positive experience.

A Bot is a malware-infected device that gets taken over and remotely controlled by cybercriminals. A Botnet is created when cybercrimals are able to take over a number of devices and link them together to perform broader activities and more extensive damage – like sending mass spam that hogs a network bandwidth, sending text messages to premium numbers, or flooding recipients with unwanted ads. They can even take a device “hostage;” requiring a ransom to be paid before ceding control back to the owner.

“Botnets are not only extremely disrupting to consumers, in that they impact device and Internet performance, they are also a risk to their privacy.” says Pekka Mettälä, Head of Global Business Development at F-Secure. “Private credentials like passwords can be stolen, giving access to online bank accounts, social media accounts, and other personal data. Operators who can provide customers with more simplified or automated and robust protection from botnets, will enjoy a distinct advantage over their competitors as well as more satisfied and loyal customers.”

Operators benefit directly through reducing their network’s vulnerability and through doing their part towards stopping the proliferation of botnets and cybercrime. Expensive resources previously dedicated to repairs and maintenance after an infection is discovered, can now be utilized for more productive activities.

Customers benefit from an overall reduction of risk as well as a more simplified process for dealing with their infected devices.




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