F-Secure Mobile Security Detects 100% of Mobile Malware

Security & Privacy

mobileIn March, AV-Test tested 26 mobile malware solutions and we’re proud to announce F-Secure Mobile Secure received a protection score of 6.0 out of 6.0.

Our solution blocked 100% of the representative set of malicious apps discovered in the last 4 weeks tested. Nice.

The test went beyond just testing the ability to block bad software.

PC Magazine‘s Neil J. Reubenking explains:

Antivirus protection is important, but for mobile users additional security features like anti-theft can be just as important. In the initial test of Android-based antivirus, AV-Test noted whether each product included specific additional security features: 1) anti-theft (remote lock, wipe, and locate), 2) call blocking, 3) message filtering, 4) safe browsing, 5) parental control, 6) backup, and 7) encryption. In the latest test, products are scored on whether they include extra security features, either the seven from the preceding list or other useful security features.

You can see our complete score card here.

We want to congratulate all the fellows on who work to make our Mobile Security the best protection in the world.

And you can try Mobile Security for free here.


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