Introducing Safe Profile (Beta)

Security & Privacy

safeprofileWe recently introduced a new service called Safe Profile (it’s currently in Beta a.k.a. preview mode). Safe Profile is a Facebook application that scans your profile’s privacy settings and gives you a summarized report – along with some recommended changes you could consider making.

Development of Safe Profile has been a very interesting process. This was the first time any of us on my team had developed a Facebook application – which meant a steep learning curve for all of us. We spent hours reviewing the different Facebook settings available to users and deciding which ones were important enough to include into Safe Profile’s first release.

To complicate matters, Facebook made changes to their web portal constantly – causing our code to break and requiring re-working of code we only built yesterday! Still we kept our chin ups and continued working. After all what is work without a few challenges along the way?

Finally we released Safe Profile into Beta, and we have been very encouraged by the great feedback. We’ve heard stories of people not realizing that they had personal photos which were visible to the public and that Safe Profile helped to discover them. We’ve also helped a few of you who asked us more information about protecting their Facebook profile. These stories make us proud of the work we’ve done!

So please head on over to the app on Facebook and try a scan for yourself. We welcome any feedback that you may have (good or bad!) so please drop us a line on our Facebook page or send an email to us.

Here’s to protecting your private and funny cat videos!



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