How to cope with security when malware is spread as a service?

Threats & Hacks

The amount of malware on the loose is sky-rocketing. Looking at statistics from AV-Test organization, we only need to go back some five years to 2008 and the total amount of malware would have been over five times smaller than now. And only back just over two years to 2010 when the amount was less than half of what it is now.

Today, a staggering amount of over 200,000 malicious programs are detected by the organization every day, and the number shows no signs of slowing down.

How can a normal company ever hope to stay on top of the genius business models of the criminal malware distributors?

Luckily not every company or person has to be the expert on security. That’s why there are specialists, such as the professionals in F-Secure. I can only look and listen in wonder when the experts from our lab talk about security, malware attacks and the concept of malware as a service.  Malware as a service – I hardly knew that anything like that could even exist, before sitting down with one of the lab guys.

Our experts say in the Threat Report H2/2012: “This rental scheme appears to be particularly attractive to less tech-savvy users who simply want a means to an end – that is, to install more trojans on more victim machines”.

This is also increasingly true for the mobile environments. The amount of Android malware continues to soar, but it is the commoditization of these malware that is more worrying. F-Secure’s latest Mobile Threat Report states: “The Android malware ecosystem is beginning to resemble the one surrounding Windows, where highly specialized suppliers provide commoditized malware services”.

So – if malware spreading organizations can benefit from the “as a service” model, why wouldn’t you?

Security as a service lets you relax

Security as a service can give you peace of mind. Let the security experts worry about the development of malware and concentrate on your own core business. For example F-Secure Protection Service for Business contains all the necessary features to keep you and your company safe, including the Software Updater functionality, which really can lift your security to a totally new level.

Cheers, Eija

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