25 Fellows for 25 Years: Mike Graham

F-Secure Life

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary over the next month, we’re paying tribute to the women and men who helped build the success story that is F-Secure. You can experience that story here and help us fight malware in our anniversary arcade game.

Today we speak to System Architect Mike Graham who joined F-Secure in 2001.

Where were you 25 years ago?

I was just about to graduate from Monta Vista High School in Cupertino.  I didn’t go to school with any famous tech millionaires, unfortunately.  

What’s surprised you most since you’ve joined F-Secure?

Our entry into the media storage was a happy surprise, with it the opportunity to be a major player in a brand-new business.

What’s your favorite piece of technology?

Smart phones with whatever OS are terrific fun, but their use is so commonplace now that I have to think back sometimes to my old self, 12 years ago when I yearned that my Handspring Prism could be a phone also.  And lo, the Palm Treo line appeared…

What F-Secure memory is most irreplaceable to you?

A few weeks after I started in the San Jose office, the CEO (Risto Siilasmaa) showed up at my cubicle (in the Tech Support area) to see who I was, how I was doing and chat for a couple of minutes.  That was a signal to me that I wasn’t working for some giant (not to say soulless) corporation where the CEO was  sequestered in his tower with his C-level buddies.  [See my former employer, Space Systems/Loral].

A close second, watching Mikko Hypponen neatly dissect a giant hamburger with knife and fork, I felt like a barbarian shoving mine into my mouth American style 😉

How will the world be different in 25 years?

My best guess:

Technologically, processing power may be slowing, but how we use it will expand, and we’re far from our global limit for Internet bandwidth.   Media distribution and consumption will evolve and probably be unrecognizable compared to its current state.   Computers will show up in more places than ever, and where they are mobile now, they will be more powerful and connected.  This will lead to both social benefits (e.g. better traffic control) and social disruption (you don’t drive your own car anymore).

What’s your 25th birthday wish for F-Secure?

To achieve dominance in the storage business, and for icing on the cake, develop into or invent other opportunities in the mobile space.

25 Fellows for 25 Years

Mikko Hypponen – 1991
Jyrki Airola — 1994
Pekka Usva — 1995
Kim Englund — 1996
Pirkka Palomäki — 1997
Ilkka Ranta — 1997
Veli-Jussi Kesti — 1998
Taneli Virtanen — 1999
Kalle Korpi — 2001
Miska Repo– 2004


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