Don’t leave gaps in your defense

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Just like in sports, in business security as well, your defense is only as strong as the weakest link.

According to our statistics, 87% of corporate computers miss critical security updates. With 85% of vulnerabilities coming from 3rd party software, this poses a significant security risk. One of our product managers, Esa Tornikoski says: “It appears many people don’t fully understand that keeping software up-to-date is a critical component of computer and business security”.

Java, Microsoft technologies, Adobe Flash Player, Firefox and Open Office are the most commonly missing updates. Over 40% of diagnosed computers missed the Java 6 update 43, just to mention the most common one.

Unpatched computers leave a gap in the defense line wide open for malware attacks. They are an obvious weak link in your defense wall.

The reality of software updates can be challenging. What has been installed? What needs to be updated? Do all the computers have the same versions of the applications? The downloading and installation of necessary software can be huge task. But do you really dare to leave such an obvious gap in your defense line?

However, product manager Mikko Parkkola offers a solution: “Automated updates can save you a lot of time and trouble. F-Secure’s Software Updater scans the computer for missing software updates and keeps 3rd party applications patched from vulnerabilities and up to date”.

As simple as that – find it, fix it, and automate. No more obvious gaps, no more attacks that could have been easily avoided simply by keeping all software updated.

Cheers, Eija

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