Making Facebook more personal again (or more like Instagram!)

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A few weeks ago I attended a family dinner with my younger cousin. While we waited for the food to be served, I noticed that she had whipped out her smartphone and was looking at her friend’s pictures (or maybe videos) on Instagram – and not Facebook. After talking to her about it I found out that she hardly ever uses Facebook anymore and Instagram has become her new favourite social media addiction.

Why did this happen? The Facebook news feed is just becoming less relevant to some people nowadays. Almost every day we see posts about politics, problems around the world, weird internet memes – most of these are posts that have been re-shared for the umpteenth time! And if those things aren’t too much for you, all the sponsored posts and advertisements will surely make you scroll away as fast as your mouse can manage.

Instagram users know that the content they find there are pictures and videos created and shared by their friends. Helping you know where your favourite people are and what they are doing will continue to be an important purpose of social networks.

So does this mean we should now switch our social network and never look back? No! I’ve compiled a few tips to help you make your Facebook news feed a lot more personal and hopefully a lot more relevant too!

1. Organize your friends into friend lists

Choose the friends who are most important to you and put them into a list. In the future, simply select this friend list from your sidebar to only view updates from these friends.


2. Create a Facebook Group with Your Closest Friends

Facebook groups are a great tool to help you collaborate and share stuff with group members. You can even make your group a Secret – that way only you and your group members will know of its existence! Find out more about groups here.


3. Hide posts from ‘noisy’ friends

Do you have a friend who frequently posts rubbish that you rather not see on your news feed? Open their profile page and click on the Friends drop down button. From there, click on settings and simply de-select all the type of updates you would not want to see from him/her anymore!


4. Clean up your Friends list

We’ve all added a few friends on Facebook along the way who are more acquaintances rather than real friends. Take a look through your friends list and make the hard choice to unfriend those who you really wouldn’t miss seeing on your news feed anymore. Don’t forget that all the people you have added on Facebook have access to your personal information that you’ve uploaded to Facebook.

And that’s it! I hope that with these few tips you will have a much more enjoyable and cleaner experience on Facebook. Do you have any other tips of your own? Let us know in the comments if you do!


Eric is the Technical Product Manager of F-Secure’s Safe Profile Beta. Try a free and quick check of your Facebook profile for privacy issues by clicking here.

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