25 Fellows for 25 Years: Cord Stukenberg

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As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we’re paying tribute to the women and men who helped build the success story that is F-Secure. You can experience that story here and help us fight malware in our anniversary arcade game.

Today we speak to Cord Stukenberg, Director, Operator Sales, Operator Sales Germany. He joined F-Secure on December 1, 2005.

Where were you 25 years ago?

Wow, I must have been a young man :), studying Mechanical Engineering at Technical University of Aachen – next to the Netherlands and Belgium. Probably I just stayed in Sao Paulo for an internship at Mercedes Benz and Universidad de Sao Paulo. That was an amazing time and I enjoy remembering it.

What’s surprised you most since you’ve joined F-Secure?

The Finnish face. I am a quite communicative person – pretty much on the other end of the scale than my more introverted Nordic colleagues :). And often enough I stress them when bombarding them with my high wordload 🙂 (my nickname is powercord). But most of all, Finnish people are reliable, honest, serious and down-to-earth, great friends once made. And F-Secure even being a really international company with presence and fellows from all over the world, it has always has kept its Finnish face.

What’s your favorite piece of technology?

My home is somewhere in the middle between analytics and creativity. I am thrilled by technologies, but what really fascinates me is what you can make out of them. Technology is only useful as an enabler for something and best technologies you will feel but never see. Such is malware defense which fascinated me when joining F-Secure eight years ago. Extremely exciting stories behind, but quickly becoming quite complex for the users who just want to get rid of the risks and be safe. It will be best perceived when not perceived.

While malware protection is about defense, our new service content cloud forms something new. The real technology behind is hidden as well, but it simplifies people’s digital life helping them to organize their content between devices and users. It provides them with great experiences how easy it is to take their personal content to anywhere, present it on their tablets or TV or share it with friends while still keeping ownership of their content. And this is only the beginning of a long journey. We have opened the platform for third party developers and I am excited what will evolve from today. Content Anywhere is my personal favorite.

What F-Secure memory is most irreplaceable to you?

I think when I managed to join our President’s club this year and we had an unforgettable trip to New York. It reflects the result of a long and sometimes painful journey to develop my region, build a team and achieve some turnarounds with a lot of energy, sustainability and passion. I felt honored by this “membership” and like having arrived at a long-term goal. Of course, the destination was another reason to make it an irreplaceable event to me. As a father of four kids, it has been quite a while ago that I took my time for such an overseas city trip. And last but not least, I had so many unbeatable moments beyond business with a bunch of great fellows.

How will the world be different in 25 years?

From an IT perspective, 25 years is a point at infinity. Probably our kids would know best as they will drive this world in 25 years. My youngest son recently explained to me that he already is perfect in table tennis. I was a bit surprised since he never had played this before. But he mentioned that he now achieved the “experts” level on our Wii and beats all the others. When we went to a real plate (him hardly looking over the edge), he realized that ball and rocket somehow behave different from the controller. I think virtuality becomes more and more present in our life. Our generation has taken experiences from reality and transferred it to the digital world. Next generations will more and more start their thinking free of physical limitations from virtual and transfer it to the real world.

As a result, your digital life will be omnipresent to you – following you in light-speed which will not only be helpful, but also will stress people. As you can reach out to someone at any time and any place, expectations to reaction time will increase and impatience will be entering our characters. From the receiving perspective, you will be confronted with an exploding number of requests. One of the biggest challenges in our behavior (and supporting IT services) will be the management of content and context. Sorting out the unimportant stuff and approaching you with the relevant in the right moment will make the difference between good and bad services, will make your life easier or heavier. I think we will have many more stuff connected and virtualized, but there will be a variety of different approaches to the challenge of context.

What’s your 25th birthday wish for F-Secure?

Products, Processes, Features – all of those can be copied over the time – but people are unique.

Stay a family and manage to grow it – a family of fellows, a family of partners, a family of customers.

25 Fellows for 25 Years

Mikko Hypponen – 1991
Jyrki Airola — 1994
Pekka Usva — 1995
Kim Englund — 1996
Pirkka Palomäki — 1997

Ilkka Ranta — 1997
Veli-Jussi Kesti — 1998
Taneli Virtanen — 1999
Kalle Korpi — 2001
Mike Graham — 2001

Johan Jarl — 2002
Miska Repo– 2004
Morgan MacDonald — 2006
Suh Gim Goh –2010
Harri Kiljander — 2010

Orestis Kostakis — 201
Pratima Potturu — 2010
Eric Wang – 2011
Gianni Pintonello — 2012
Timo Laaksonen — 2012



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