Which app requires the most permissions and why?

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Are you the average smartphone user? If you are you’ve downloaded 26.2 apps and 20.6 of them are free.

As you install these apps on your Android phone, you’ll be shown the permissions they require and then — if you’re the average smartphone user — you’ll never think of them again.

But you’re not an average user if you’re reading this blog. So you’ve probably wondered, what kind of access am I granting to these strangers!?

This bugged our Lokki app team and they decided to do something about it.

The result is our new Permissions app, which has already been updated thanks to feedback from above average people like yourself.

You can get it right now for free in the Google Play store.

Here’s what it looks like when it’s installed:


People who’ve downloaded Permissions have discovered that certain apps ask for a lot of permissions, including Facebook.

So does our own Mobile Security. “A bodyguard needs lots of access to the person he’s protecting,” explains our Security Advisor Sean Sullivan.

When you see an app that asks for a lot of permissions, you should ask yourself if you trust the developer and is there a reason they would need all of this access, possibly explained on its Google Play page.

You may be wondering how many permissions our Permissions app requires.

Zero, of course.



[Photo via alborzshawn via Flickr.com]


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