F-Secure Search : Searching the Internet with Peace of Mind


Conventional wisdom tells us to choose search engines based on its ability to deliver us the most relevant search results, but is that really enough?

We at F-Secure definitely do not think so.

I’m very happy to introduce you to F-Secure Search – a search engine that delivers you the most relevant and SAFE results! Built into the search results are safety badges that indicate how safe or potentially malicious a web-link might be. In other words, we tell you which web-links you should and should NOT be clicking on!


Wondering what makes F-Secure Search so good? First of all, the web-link ratings are powered by F-Secure’s own best-in-class reputation engine. If you have ever tried F-Secure’s Browsing Protection you will be familiar with how this works. We F-Secure fellows are extremely proud of the hard work and effort that we have put into making our Labs engines as amazing as it is today.

On top of that, to develop this product we partnered with one of the industry’s best and most popular search giants – Google. I’m sure we don’t need to explain how accurate Google’s search results are or how popular Google has become until people use the word ‘Google’ as an verb in their daily conversations.

Ready for the best part of this product? F-Secure Search is available to you today completely FREE. Surf on over to http://search.f-secure.com to try it out for yourself! If you are using Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox, we even provide a one-click feature that allows you to set F-Secure Search as your search provider right on your browser! Existing F-Secure Internet Security users will also be receiving a FREE update which will include F-Secure Search as a new feature.

We hope that you will enjoy using F-Secure Search! If you do, tell your friends about it and keep their Internet searches safe too. Please feel free to leave a comment telling us what you think of the product!


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