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We switch between our PCs/laptops, smartphones and tablets throughout the day, using whichever is most convenient for the situation. But what about at work? How many of us are using multiple devices to get the job done?

According to our recent survey of small and medium size businesses (SMBs) in eight different countries and across various industries, around 43% of employees are multi-screeners who use a PC or laptop as well as a mobile device for work on a regular basis. Percentages of multi-screeners are highest among companies with under 50 employees, at 63%, and lower in companies of 50 to 500 employees (45%).

We also found that 39% of employees are using company mobile devices. In companies with under 50 employees, company-provided mobile device usage is highest at 75%. In companies with 50 to 500 employees, around 40% of employees have company mobile devices. Swedish and Finnish companies have the highest percentages of mobile devices – at 50% and 47% of employees, respectively. German and US companies have the lowest number of mobile devices – at 35% and 34%.

Overall, we found 34% of employees work outside the office or travel on a regular basis. Again, that number is higher among the smallest companies – at 50%, versus around 35% for companies with 50 to 500 employees. France and UK businesses have the highest number of employees that work outside the office regularly, with 43% and 40% respectively.

Multiple device usage and working outside the office are factors that point towards greater need for services that help maximize productivity, enable collaboration between colleagues, and synchronize via the cloud. What about you – are you already using these types of services for work, and if so, are they filling your needs?

F-Secure has something exciting cooking in this area for SMBs…and because it’s from us, it’ll also be secure and private. That means fully encrypted, with scanning for malware. Watch for it over at BSB, our Business Security Blog.

F-Secure’s Digital Company Survey 2013 consisted of web interviews of deciders and influencers of software purchases working at companies with up to 500 employees. Participants were from eight countries: Germany, Italy, France, the UK, Sweden, Finland, Poland and the USA. There were 805 respondents in total, with at least 100 per country. Respondents were 67% male and 37% female. The survey was completed by GfK in November 2013.


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