New look, new mission, new FREEDOM

Privacy, Security

Since classified documents illuminating America’s mass surveillance began being released last year, we at F-Secure began feeling different, uneasy—even a little angry.

For well over a decade, we’ve vowed to identify any government trojans. However, the general disregard for the privacy of individuals all over the world shown by the NSA and other government intelligence agencies shocked us. Suddenly, it seemed that we couldn’t just offer the award-winning security and backup solutions in the same way we have for 25 years.

We had to take a stand.

F-Secure was born in Finland and born both of a spirit of connection and independence. Finland is part of the EU but outside NATO. It’s a global hotspot for tech innovation, but so committed to privacy that employers aren’t even allowed to Google job applicants. It’s part of the online revolution that has reshaped the way we communicate, but the economy was forced to dramatically re-adapt as cell phones became smartphones.

We’ve spent the last six months rethinking our mission, our products and what we stand for. Now we’re ready to announce that we’re no longer simply about “Protecting the Irreplaceable”, though our legacy will always burn deep in our DNA. Now, we have to be about something deeper.

Our new tagline is: Switch on Freedom


And it isn’t just about a promise to you, our customers, it’s about a stand against an invasive mindset that doesn’t value the privacy of your personal data, no matter how many times people suggest that surveillance is only a problem “if you have something to hide.” (Who doesn’t? Did you leave your house wearing pants today? Furthermore, it’s no one’s business but your own what you are doing online.)

Our new look says that we fight for digital freedom.

That’s what our Labs has been doing for decades by protecting you from online criminals. Now that we have even bigger enemies, our products can’t just protect your PC—they have to protect the way you connect and share, too.


Your hard drive, your VPN, your content is only as secure and private as the partner you choose to protect you. Our promise to you is that we will never compromise your privacy and we will never open our technology to any government for any reason other than a direct, lawful criminal investigation.

Your privacy is non-negotiable and that’s the core value we operate upon as we build our tools to set you free as you engage in the life you wish to lead.

Now – as the world is waking up to the real threat of governments with unchecked power to capture data on everything we do and keep it forever – is the time for us to stand up.

“The world is changing,” our Mikko Hypponen recently told the TED Radio hour. “We shouldn’t just blindly accept the change. Just because something is technologically possible, it might not be right. And we really have to think about these things now when we can still change them.”

We are doing what we can both in advocating for governments to respect privacy and in building solutions that protect your freedom, regardless of what politicians and corporations want.

We hope you’ll join us.




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