How to solve the top 4 online privacy challenges with just one snoop-stopping button

Security & Privacy

Months of Snowden revelations have made it clear there’s a lot more to online privacy and security than using strong passwords.

Among the leaks: reports of governments collecting users’ IP addresses, location information and tracking cookies. And governments aside, there’s also the online tracking of users by advertisers and data profilers. It’s enough to frustrate any privacy-conscious consumer.

But with Freedome by F-Secure, you now have a simple, intuitive way to solve the top four online privacy issues with just one button:

1. Unsecured communications.
On an unencrypted connection, your email traffic and online interactions can be spied on. Public WiFi, for example, is just not safe for anything personal, even if it requires a password. Hackers can steal login credentials and other private data by sniffing out public WiFi traffic, or by attracting unsuspecting users to their own rogue WiFi network. Freedome’s Connection Protection, the VPN technology at its core, shields your privacy with encryption, even on public WiFi. It’s like having “https” for every site you visit online.

2. Tracking and profiling.
Wherever you go online, whatever you do, you’re being tracked and profiled by the sites you visit and the apps and search engines you use. Freedome keeps users anonymous by blocking web and in-app tracking, so advertisers can’t tap into your data.

3. Location, location, location.
Without an extra privacy layer, websites can tell where you are in the world. Every computer or mobile device has a unique IP address that gives its general physical location, as well as operating system, browser, and other data. Freedome masks your IP address with an F-Secure IP address from a choice of countries, so the outside world cannot track your actual location. Currently you can set your virtual location to the US, UK, Germany or Finland. More countries will be added in the near future.

The ability to choose virtual location means travelers can access content from their own country that would otherwise be restricted while abroad. And some e-commerce sites inflate prices for things like hotels or plane tickets depending on where you’re surfing from. With Freedome, you can be somewhere completely different, free from the bounds of geography.

4. Hackers, malware and harmful sites.
Most malware is motivated by money – hackers want to access your device and steal your financial credentials or your personal details, or just trick you into thinking you need to pay up. To protect your identity, your bank account and your device, you need online security. Freedome’s Virus Protection and Browsing Protection protect your privacy from online criminals.

We’re offering you anonymity with a unique combination of connection, tracking, browsing and malware protection, all in a light, cloud-based app from a European country with 25 years of securing customers’ data. To top it off, F-Secure Freedome does not collect any personal data or require registration, so you are even anonymous to us.

Take that, NSA.

Oh, and about that button:



















Like it? You can try Freedome right now for free.




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