How to make your iPhone untrackable in 2 minutes or less

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We haven’t figured out a way to make people invisible. But we have introduced Freedome.

Freedome is the VPN app that makes your phone untrackable, lets you your own location and protects you with world-class anti-phishing software.

Here’s how all your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch activity could become anonymous in two minutes or less.

1. Go to the iOS App Store and search for “Freedome VPN”. When you find it, click on the “FREE” button.


2. Check out the terms and conditions and not we do not log your traffic at all. Read the F-Secure End User License and, if you agree, click “Accept”.


3. See that big “OFF” button? Click it and you’ll turn Freedome on.


4. Are you sure you want to make your iPhone activity untrackable? Click “Yes, let’s continue”.


5. The app must create a new profile for you, which means you’ll have to click a few buttons. First click “Continue to Settings”.


6. Ready to create your new profile, which will not change how your device operates or affect your settings? Click install.

2. The 


7. Nice. It’s on. Want to choose a new location where your device will think it is? 


8. Pick your “location” and know we’ll be adding more soon.


9. You’ll have to set up a new profile, just as you did before. So that will be three clicks. Here’s the first one.


10. Then this one.


11. One more and you’re done.


11. Now you’re ready to go. You can use your phone as usual, except the only thing that will be tracked is how many attempts to track you Freedome has blocked. You will see that exclamation point in the upper right corner to remind you that you’re using Freedome’s free trial.


11. Use it for a week then decide if you like being untrackable.




[iPhone image by Sean MacEntee | Flickr]

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