Why we Like Facebook’s new malware cleanup tool


Have you ever encountered a Facebook post that appears to be done by a friend, but promotes something you’re quite sure your friend would not promote? Like free meds, too-good-to-be-true work at home gigs, or “shocking new must-see” videos. The good news is, you’re right, it’s not really your friend having undergone a sudden personality change. The bad news is, your friend’s device is probably infected by malware.

We’re proud to announce that F-Secure is now partnering with Facebook to make it easier to clean up Facebook users’ malware-infected devices. When Facebook identifies an account behaving suspiciously in a way that is consistent with a malware infection, Facebook will offer a free F-Secure-powered scanner. The scanner is no-hassle: It will run through and clean up any malware on the device, then remove itself once done.










If you (or your friend) ever get this message, be sure to run the scanner, even if you already have a security product installed. Malware can allow someone else to take control of your Facebook account, collect info from your account, and send spam that looks like it’s from you – so you’ll want to get it cleaned up ASAP.

And be careful where you click, too – that “shocking” video or that browser add-on that promises to show you who’s viewing your Timeline could be what’s spreading malware in the first place.

If you’d like to check if your computer is infected by malware right now, you don’t need to wait to be prompted by Facebook – you can use our free Online Scanner anytime.

Here’s to F-Secure and Facebook fighting malware!


Banner image courtesy Mooi, flickr.com


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