Help shut down a massive crimeware botnet with one click — while you can

Threats & Hacks

F-Secure is proud to be part of the global effort to take down the GameOver Zeus botnet.

Our Security Advisor Sean Sullivan took a look at the amount of money lost as a result of this massive crimeware network and found the results were “striking,” with $7 million alone taken from one bank in Florida. The U.S. Justice Department suggests as much as $100 million has been loss in theft to GameOver Zeus account takeovers. It’s possible that millions more have been lost by those who mine bitcoins and have been infected with CryptoLocker via the latest version of the botnet, which has been open sourced.

An estimated 500,000 to 1,000,000 systems have been compromised globally. You can look at these stats of where the infections are most prominent here.

As part of “Operation Tovar”, the FBI has disrupted the massive network of zombie computer network. But it has not — and cannot — shut down. And the bad guys may take control of this peer-to-peer network again soon.

The security community has to act fast and the F-Secure Labs is on it.

Our researchers recognized “overly aggressive regular expressions” in GameOver Zeus that have allowed us to set up a one-click test to see if your system is affected. All you have to do is go to now. Instantly, without any software download, we’ll let you know if you need to clean your machine.

And if you are infected, you can use our free Online Scanner to get the crooks out of your hard drive. The more machines that get clean, the less power the criminals have.

“This is really a turf war,” Sullivan said.

And the goal is to take back as much turf as possible now. Check your machine and let your friends and family know to do the same.



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