How to teleport around the world using your mobile phone

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While Finland is known for being the first country in the world to make access to broadband internet a human right, it doesn’t offer access to my favorite American streaming service.

So I when I travel to F-Secure headquarters, I go without music — until my latest visit.

Freedome lets me choose from 9 different locations. I accessed the globe view to select the United States. And though I was in the sauna of the Holiday Inn near Ruoholahti, my phone was teleported. I turned my music app and enjoyed the station I’ve spent years building.

Being able to set your own location is just one of the many features of Freedome VPN solution — but it may be the most unique.

With it, you can use your favorite services when you’re abroad, avoid location trackers and check out sporting events you may not have access otherwise. In the last month, Sweden, Canada, Italy, Netherlands and Spain locations were added so users would have plenty of connections to choose from during the World Cup.

The Android app has also been localized into 10 languages and the iOS version will soon be too. And what you do with the app is your business. F-Secure does not log your traffic, contact details or even your user name.

The product is designed to be simple — one-button simple.

It gets a bit more complicated on my iPhone but the Freedome team is continually innovating based on customer feedback. In the second half of this year, access for Asian countries will roll out along with desktop versions for Windows and OSX. An always-on Android anti-virus will also be added to protect your device even when Freedome isn’t running.

A product that’s so simple yet so inventive and versatile has to be experienced to be understood. That’s why we’re offering a chance for new users to check it out for 6 months for free. Get the app from the Google Play or iTunes store.



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