Genius is making the complex simple

Security & Privacy

“Any fool can complicate things. It takes a genius to make things simple.”

Not sure who said it (a quick Google search attributes it to both Einstein and Woody Guthrie, among others), but this saying is especially true when it comes to software. How do you make something that offers sophisticated features and superior functionality, yet is dead simple to use? It’s certainly not easy.

Fortunately, F-Secure is based in Finland, where simplicity pretty much rules. Finns like to keep things straightforward, no hassle and to the point. So when our engineers set about to create a next-generation privacy and security app complete with features like VPN, anti-virus, anti-tracking, and virtual location, they knew it had to be one thing: simple.

The result: Freedome, our little stroke of genius. From our little corner of the world.

Check out this short video to see what I mean:


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Always Liked Your Articles Especially This One!
Wish You My Best And Congratulations For Your Efforts To Keep Us Informed Of How Our Privacy Must Be Protected!
Best Regards 🙂

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