How much are your passwords costing you?

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You come back after a nice vacation, rested, tanned and ready to catch up on a few weeks of email.  The only problem?

You’ve forgotten your password.

This may seem like a trivial problem, until you realize that it’s not just you — it’s the guy at the next desk and the next desk and the next desk. And it isn’t just one account.

A new report finds that lost or forgotten passwords cost the city of Espoo, a city of about 249,000 in Finland, about 18€ per worker for a total cost of 200, 000€ — every year.

And that doesn’t include the cost of the workers’ lost time.

The fact is people have better things to think about than strings of often nonsensical numbers and letters that include a special character.

The need for strong, unique passwords for all of our important accounts is overwhelming, with most people needing to remember at least 20 different passwords. Users have been forced to chose between using memorable terrible passwords or forgettable good passwords.

At F-Secure, we believe technology should free your mind to deal with important work, not passwords. That’s why we created Key, our password manager that offers you one password to rule them all.

It stores all your passwords, log-ins, e-mails, PIN codes and other credentials securely. You don’t need to think of crazy unguessable passwords because it generates them for you and fill them in as you use the web. And our encryption protects all your data. It’s free to use on one device and as cheap as $1.84 a month if you want a premium account that covers all your devices.

Give it a try, before you forget.



Image courtesy of Lulu Hoeller,



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