What our experts are looking forward to at the super hacker fest — Black Hat USA

Security & Privacy

Black Hat conferences promise to “put you face to face with people on the cutting edge of network security, and with no vendor pitches.” In other words: just the latest industry intelligence with no marketing BS.

The USA edition begins in Las Vegas on Saturday August 2 and two experts from F-Secure Labs will be there.

Unlike the NSA, our Mikko Hypponen will presenting this year. His talk — “Governments as Malware Authors: The Next Generation”— will likely be of interests to spy agencies all over the globe.

“After canceling his RSA talk in protest, Mikko delivered his talk on Governments as Malware Authors at TrustyCon instead,” the description reads. “This follow-up talk will look at what’s changed since then, and what new we have learned about governments that write malware.”

Timo Hirvonen will be giving his first Black Hat talk on “Dynamic Flash Instrumentation for Fun and Profit”.

Timo has been working on the Deep Guard technology in our security products for years and is an expert in analyzing the kind of files most likely to infect you — including Java files and PDFs. In this talk he will introduce and demonstrate “the first tool that enables dynamic analysis of malicious Flash files”.

But our experts also value the information they pick up from talks — whether they are attending or not.

Antti Tikkanen, our Director of Security Response, gave us a list of talks he’d be attending if he were in Las Vegas this year:

A SURVEY OF REMOTE AUTOMOTIVE ATTACK SURFACES. More of car hacking, which has been in the news with Tesla lately.
COMPUTRACE BACKDOOR REVISITED. “We have found several proofs of unauthorized activations of Absolute Computrace anti-theft software on our private and corporate computers and discovered that this software can be used as an advanced removal-resistant BIOS-based backdoor.”
DISSECTING SNAKE – A FEDERAL ESPIONAGE TOOLKIT. Should be a good warmup for Mikko’s talk.

And what’s Mikko looking forward to?

The BadUSB talk should be good,” he told us. “And I’m always looking forward for Pwnie Awards.”



[Image by Marco Verch via Flickr.]

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