Is your phone smart enough for banking or shopping?

Security & Privacy

Our smartphones have rapidly transformed our lives for the better. We always know where we are. We’re always connected. Most any bar bet can be settled in seconds.

However they aren’t as smart as they could be, says The New York Times‘ Farhad Manjoo.

“For instance, your phone has access to your calendar, and it also knows your physical location,” he wrote. “So why isn’t it smarter about sending you the right notification at the right time — for instance, not during a first date? Why can’t it prioritize alerts from your wife and your boss over notifications for tweets from your high school pals?”

I’d add: Why isn’t it better about letting you know when your connection is safe enough the activity you’re engaged in?

Because our phones and tablets are mobile, we’re more likely to be using them over unsecured connection. And because these gadgets are so powerful, we’re more likely to be using them to do the stuff we normally do on our PCs like banking and shopping.

“Even if a Wi-Fi network has a password, that doesn’t keep you safe from other people on the network,” The Guardian‘s Daniel Tomilson notes. “It’s very simple for any of them to see what you’re doing and, in some cases, steal personal information or passwords.”

Tomilson’s solution is to use a VPN on your device like our Freedome for iOS and Android devices. This way your activity is protected along with your personally identifiable data.

You’re more secure when you’re using your cell providers 3G  or 4G network but if you’re using your phone for financial transaction you need the anti-virus and anti-phishing protections on your device that you have on your PC. Freedome includes those too. And you’ll always see that little [VPN] reminder on your device’s screen to let you know you’re safe.

Even if you are using a VPN, you should also follow the basic standards of keeping your software updates and using some sort of remote wipe solution that allows you to erase all your data should you lose your device.

Our phones are smart but not as smart as us — yet. So take that extra step to make sure your device is safe wherever you’re using it.



[Image via Roland Tanglao | Flickr]

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