GameOver ZeuS is back — are you infected?

Threats & Hacks

This May, the GameOver ZeuS botnet made history by becoming one of the largest botnets ever seized by law enforcement.

Unfortunately, it’s back at work.

BankInfo Security’s Mathew J. Schwartz explains:

Nearly three months after the FBI, Europol and Britain’s National Crime Agency launched“Operation Tovar” to successfully disrupt the botnet used to spread Gameover ZeuS, the malware is making a global comeback.

Gameover ZeuS is a Trojan designed to steal banking and other personal credentials from infected PCs. At the time of the May law enforcement takedown, the FBI estimated that between 500,000 and 1 million PCs worldwide – one-quarter of them in the United States – were infected by the malware, which the bureau says was used to steal more than $100 million.

Our Security Advisor Sean Sullivan notes that “there isn’t a ‘flood’ of new GoZ variants”. F-Secure Labs has looked at the recent threats and one of our experts has a theory about their origin.

Find out the latest about GoZ from Sean and Mikko Hypponen on 5 September in Threat Report Webinar live from Helsinki at 10:00 AM EST.

What should you do? Our Online Scanner detects both new and old GameOver Zeus variants. Check your PC for free now.



[Image by delunula dot com]

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