How to visit 12 different countries on your phone

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Our Freedome VPN service hit a new milestone this summer. We added our newest location in Paris, France and now have 11 nodes in 10 different countries:

Canada (Toronto)
Finland (Espo)
France (Paris)
Germany (Sachsen)
Hong Kong
Italy (Milan)
Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Spain (Madrid)
Sweden (Stockholm)
United Kingdom (London)
United States (East Coast)
United States (West Coast)

That means regardless where you are in world, you can pick any of these locations to mask your whereabouts and use any of the services you love. Freedome also acts a VPN to encrypt your data so a free Wi-Fi network is safe for private transactions along, and it includes anti-virus, anti-tracking, and anti-phishing. It’s been localized into 10 different locations and will soon be available for iOS devices.

If you travel — our just want your phone to think you’re traveling — this is the kind of protection you need.

Get it now from the Google Play or iTunes store.



UPDATED: Hong Kong and Singapore were added on September 15, 2014.

[Image by jvieras via Flickr]

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