Meet an F-Secure Community hero — Simon


When the F-Secure Community opened in 2011, our Customer Care team envisioned it as a nexus where experts from both inside and outside of F-Secure could help each other and users in search of answers. Since then, it has been refined and expanded to include a German board and forum for you to prod our developers with ideas for new features.

More than 18,000 posts later, the Community is thriving and one of our experts just passed a milestone we can’t help but celebrate. User @Simon responded to his 1000th post last Monday and he hasn’t slowed down since, offering 32 more posts since then. He’s a hero to us and we wanted to get some insight into what he gets out of being such a key contributor. So we asked him 6 questions, and — typically — he quickly responded to them all.

Let’s meet Simon.

Gosh, I never expected such royal treatment just by making 1000 posts! 😀

How long have you been using F-Secure?

I’ve been using F-Secure, on and off, since 2006, but had to have a break from it shortly after I joined here, due to problems with iTunes compatibility.

What is your favourite device?

My favourite device is my mobile phone, and that is from where I do most of my postings! I had an iPhone for several years, but due to the cost of the iPhone 6, and reported build quality issues (bendygate), I’ve recently switched to an HTC One M8, which I am still getting used to.

Do you have a favourite post you’ve made of your more than 1,000?

I don’t really have a favorite post – but I guess the most rewarding ones are those marked as solutions, or appreciated in other ways.

What’s the best thing that’s happened since you joined the Community since 2011?

I guess the best thing that’s happened, F-Secure related, since joining the community, is taking part in the Beta program. It’s always nice to have an opportunity to try out new things, not to mention, it gives me protection for free! 😀 The other best thing is getting to know some new people, and becoming a little more familiar with F-Secure staff, both on the forum, and in the Beta program.

Is there any one solution/piece of advice you find yourself posting over and over?

One solution/piece of advice I find myself posting over and over, is telling mobile phone users that we can’t unlock their phones on the forum! This can be quite frustrating, especially when the same answer was given to the person who posted before, in the same thread, and people just can’t be bothered to read it! As far as other advice goes, there are people, like NikK who have far more technical expertise than me, and his advice is excellent. Sometimes, though, people just want a simple and straightforward answer, and the most simple and straightforward answer is often to reinstall the product, as that seems to fix many issues, so I guess that’s probably the one I give out the most.

Favourite emoticon?


Cheers, Simon!



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