Freedome Wins Best Mobile Service in Finland

Security & Privacy

Freedome wins Best Infotainment/Utility Service in FinlandFirst Finland, next the world! We knew it all along, and now it’s confirmed: F-Secure Freedome, our super-simple security and online privacy app, has won the Best Mobile Service in Finland award.

Freedome took away the award in the Utility and Infotainment category. Freedome’s product manager, Paivi, and Samu, head of Consumer Security at F-Secure, were on hand to accept the award.

“It’s great to see F-Secure, a 25-plus-year-old company, competing among startups — and winning, thanks to Freedome’s fresh and user-friendly design,” says Paivi.

The competition was organized by Teleforum and The Federation of Finnish Technology Industry together with key industry players such as Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, IBM and others. 110 mobile services were evaluated in 11 categories.

Check out Freedome for yourself to see what the buzz is about!

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Read your article and liked at all!Thank you!
i Need to ask you what about US based e-mail providers like Hotmail and Yahoo also their corresponding search engines should we be aware of them too?
wish you my best!

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