You’re Being Tracked Wherever You Go – Here’s How to Fight Back From Your PC!


You’re searching online for a baby gift for a friend’s newborn, and then for a while you’re followed by diaper ads on practically every site you visit. Ever notice something like that happening to you?

Yes, the web can be an eerie place. Intelligence agencies and criminals aren’t the only people who may be tracking your online behavior – there’s a lot more to your browsing session than meets the eye.

Take, for example, this F-Secure Labs study that found that of the 100 most popular URLs in the world, only 15 percent are actually accessed by real people. The other 85 percent are third-party sites that are accessed behind the scenes of your browsing session, by the sites you visit. And over half of these third-party sites are tracking-related. They are helping build up an online profile of you and your browsing habits.

Why? So marketers can better target you with ads that meet your interests and preferences – or at least try to, in the case of the diaper ads.

How does it work? When you visit a site with ads, you’ll be tracked by the marketing company behind the ads on that site. And one marketing company may be working with a huge network of other websites. So whenever you visit another site that also has a relationship with that marketer, the marketer captures more and more data about you and your online behavior. All this data goes into an extensive profile that is being built up about you.

If that sounds a little creepy, rest assured that you can regain control of your digital privacy. There’s an easy way to block advertisers from tracking you everywhere you go. Last year we launched F-Secure Freedome to stop tracking on your mobile device (to date, Freedome has already blocked over 900 million tracking attempts globally). And now there’s good news – today we’re unveiling Freedome for your Windows PC!

Freedome for Windows has the same privacy features as the mobile versions, protecting you from trackers and hackers. It’s got the same VPN technology to protect your browsing session from snoops while using public Wi-Fi. In addition, it also includes a new Private Search feature that offers tools so you can get your search engine results without the tracking.

Since the Snowden revelations, we as consumers have become more and more aware that we may be revealing the most intimate details of our lives through our connected devices. According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center Internet Project, 91% of adults in the survey agree that consumers have lost control over how personal information is collected and used by companies.

If you’re concerned too, download a free 14-day trial of Freedome for your Windows PC. And let us know what you think!


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I read a press release dated 2 March 2015 saying that Freedome had been released for OS X, yet it doesn’t appear to be available on your web site yet. Any idea, other than “soon”, when the product will be available?

Damn right about those constant ads, I get that too. Total invasion of privacy, need to adapt the law to start tackling this kinda inconvenience and abuse to consumers. Out of order that you’ve already made a company profit by buying from it and that company thanks you by harassing you and violating your rights. The public deserves better than that, offending companies need to be brought to justice over it and that way they’ll stop doing it or face tougher action next time. Shocking how anti-social and disrespectful so many websites are now, and unless serious legal action is taken things will only get worse and more dangerous for the average person. I realize it would be far more difficult than it sounds but websites have to be monitored more, at least if a site has been complained about for either tracking, scamming or worst hacking. Suspicious sites or sites facing accusations should be investigated but of course there have to be very definite, much tougher laws in place first clearly banning any manner of anti-social, abusive or malicious behaviour. Only if such sites are then prosecuted to the full extent of the law will there ever be any kind of peace of mind brought back to using the internet, instead of the situation growing more uncivilized and chaotic to the point it simply can’t be trusted anymore.

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