Why you cannot achieve digital freedom without privacy online


If you’re at all familiar with F-Secure lately, you’ve most likely heard the phrase “Fighting for digital freedom.” It’s our mission, and it gives us the drive and passion to keep doing what we do. It reminds us that we’re not just about software code day in and day out. There’s a higher purpose for doing what we do.

But what does digital freedom mean? And how does online privacy fit in?

“Digital freedom” means something different to everyone. To us it means we enable you to live your online life to the fullest in every way. In the real world, “freedom” means that you can live the way you choose, pursuing your hopes and dreams, without being shackled by unjust constraints or controls, and without being hampered by forces that steal your personal well-being.

Same in the digital world. Constraints and controls? Digitally, that could mean your communications are being somehow monitored by someone. Or maybe you live in a country whose restrictive government has cut off your access to social media. Threats to your well-being? That could mean malicious software that steals your banking credentials and cleans out your account.

What we do at F-Secure is give control back to you, so you’re not at someone else’s mercy. The person controlling your online life is you, not any cybercriminal, government or corporation.

And what does privacy have to do with it? The more other parties know about you, the more control they have over you.

·         Did you know that some ecommerce sites offer you different prices based on which operating system you use? Or that your browser preference can affect your online job search?

·         Did you know online advertisers are tracking you around the Web, building up an elaborate profile about you so they can target you with ads you’re more likely to click on?

·         Did you know that when you use public WiFi networks, your browsing activity can be easily spied on and your personal details stolen, used to exploit you?

·         Did you know that there are bad apps out there that exist solely to invade your privacy and steal your personal info for financial gain?

The digital world is a little different from the physical world in that all these limits come so sneakily, because they’re hidden behind the scenes when you use a browser or app. Without you even being aware, your privacy is infringed and you give up a little more of your freedom.

Technology is complex. Our aim at F-Secure is to cut through the complexity and the mystery and give control back to you, giving you the privacy you deserve. So you can have some say in who sees your data, who knows what about you. This is our goal in protecting you with products that shield your privacy and secure your valuable information.

Because your privacy has everything to do with your freedom – your digital freedom.


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