If it’s free, you’re not



There’s no such thing as free lunch.

If you’re not paying, you’re the product. 

Buyer beware, but beware even more if you’re getting something “free.”


There are a million clichés that all suggest a basic truth: No one is going to provide you a quality service for nothing. If you’re not paying cash, you’re paying in your data, your privacy or your attention. This concern has also been raised in the latest debate around free (Peer to Peer) VPN services.

Choosing a VPN is all about trust. All of your data will flow through your providers service. At F-Secure, we’ve been protecting the confidential data of millions of people all over the globe for decades. Our entire business is built on our record of keeping people safe. And because we’re proud of that record, we’re committed to be transparent about what we offer and why.

We do offer free tools and free trials with the aims of spreading awareness about our award-winning products. But we will never offer a free service that promises to protect your privacy because we do not believe such a service can survive. So we offer our service for less than $10 a month.

Freedome VPN is about freeing you from the worries of losing control of your data. We charge for that service and in exchange you get anonymity. We do not track or record your data. We never pass it on to third-parties. It will not be used in any way to sell, profile or distract you.

By doing this, we’re living up to our personal commitment to your privacy and we’re asking you to invest your hard-earned money in a service we believe is worthwhile. Freedome isn’t free. But peace of mind is priceless.


[Image by Dennis van Zuijlekom | Flickr]


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