Are Apple Users More Private?


New research sheds some light on how people use devices from different vendors in different ways, and the results provide some valuable insights into how different people see technologies differently. The survey was conducted in April 2015, and asked 2000 Americans 20 questions about the devices and technology they use, and their attitudes towards online privacy.

Respondents were grouped together in several different ways, but one of the more interesting pairings was in aggregating Apple respondents and people using other devices into different groups. “Apple users”, as they could be called, deviated from “other users” in some surprising ways. Check out this infographic for a quick breakdown of some of the results.

Are Apple Users More Private?

According to F-Secure Security Advisor Sean Sullivan, these results imply some interesting things about Apple users. “It’s interesting because people in the Apple community see it as being safer than others, and perhaps that’s why they’re more mobile and flexible when it comes to where they’re willing to make commercial transactions. More Apple users have used VPNs, so more of them seem to be aware of both the problems and solutions to their online privacy.”

So would it be fair to say Apple users are more private than people using other devices? Maybe, but maybe not. VPNs are important tools to secure personal data. And even though many Apple users are open to using them, they’re still in the minority, which means most Apple users and non-Apple users are taking unnecessary risks with their personal data.

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