6 reasons the Internet of Things is difficult to secure

Connected Life

It’s a new world when we have to worry about our sprinklers getting hacked.

While it’s still easier to hack a smartphone or throw a brick through a window to get into our homes, the trend of connecting and automating almost everything presents a bevy of security concerns that many of us are just beginning to consider.

In a recent post for our brand new Internet of Things blog, our Mika Stahlberg succinctly laid out the unique challenges for keeping our “things” safe:

1) Most of the devices are cheap and lack a screen and keyboard.
2) Ease-of-use, especially during setting up, is critical for these kinds of products.
3) Devices use wireless protocols to connect to the home, so that there is no need to install wires into the walls. Hence, they and their signals are likely also reachable from outside the walls of the house.
4) Some of these devices, like garden sprinklers or porch lamps, are located outside and hence can be accessed physically without breaking into your house.
5) There are many manufacturers and many ways to buy the device: Devices don’t come pre-installed with any secret code or certificate specifically for your home.
6) Many smart home devices use mesh networking where radios are low power and each device also acts as a relay station and thus devices need some way of communicating with all other devices in the network.

If you want to know how you can get ahead of the curve, here are three keys make your smart home safer now.



[Image by Maurizio Pesce | Flickr]


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