QUICK TIP: How to hide your LinkedIn connections

Security & Privacy

Hiding your LinkedIn connections is easy.

Click on your profile pic in the upper fight hand corner and select “Privacy & Settings”.

Linkedin Settings

You’ll probably be asked to log in again, which is smart of LinkedIn.

Then under “Privacy Controls” select “Select who can see your connections”.

Who Can See Connections

You’ll see this screen:

LinkedIn Connections

Select “Only You”.

You can also hide a specific contact. Here are some more LinkedIn privacy settings you may want to check, including how to make it so people don’t know if you’ve viewed their page.

So why would you want to hide your connections?

If you’re in industry where your contacts are an asset — like sales — or an industry where your connections can easily be turned into targets — like security — you may simply not want to make life easier for your competitors or the bad guys.

The paradox of discussing privacy on social networks most of us aren’t on social networks to not be noticed. Your social graph — your network of online friends — can be used to fight hackers or encourage them. And if you’re person likely to be targeted, such as CEO, you need to take additional precautions to prevent threats like whaling.

Another reason you may want to hide your “friends” on sites on sites like Facebook or LinkedIn is that they could be used to factor in things like your credit score, in the near future.

We honestly don’t know the long-term implications of exposing ourselves and our networks on the internet. But it’s always good to know what you can control, so you have a better idea of what you can’t.


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