POLL: Have you gotten ‘smart’?

Connected Life

This week I came across a story about the U.K. unveiling the first “smart sidewalks“, which are essentially Virgin Media hotspots delivered through “street furniture” like cabinets and manholes.

I paused and thought, “Are we using the word ‘smart’ a little too much now? Isn’t this just a hotspot? Is my home router a ‘smart router’?”

The answer to all three of these questions seems to be, “Yes!”

Anything that can be connected to the Internet these days is being called “smart”. This is correct in the sense that it does meet the larger definition of joining the Internet of Things. It also meets our Mikko Hypponen’s definition of “Smart means exploitable.” If it goes online, it can be vulnerable.

Our recent survey of consumers found that nearly 1 out 4 respondents already have at least one “smart device” in their homes. That device is most likely to be a Smart TV — but other IoT devices are beginning to catch on.

So what we’re wondering here if you’re getting smart in your home yet.

Please answer this quick anonymous poll question so we can have some idea where you are at on the Internet of Things adoption curve.

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