Don’t even try to remember your passwords

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Cyber Security Month is ending.

We’re sure you’ve already done the basics to avoid a digital catastrophe, as explained by F-Secure Security Advisor Sean Sullivan in a recent News from the Labs post on avoiding malware that can take your files hostage for ransom:

Back up your stuff!
Uninstall software and/or disable browser plugins that you don’t use.
Keep the software that you do use up to date.

But there’s one last cyber security tip we want to pass on from our Janne who helps businesses avoid the kind of security errors that can cost them huge amounts of time and money.

His advice:

“Don’t even try to remember your passwords. That system you have so no one can possibly guess your password? The attackers know that one. Get a reputable password safe that you can sync to your phone and only ever use generated passwords.”

This is the one cyber security tip you need to tell your boss — if s/he hasn’t told it to you already.

You can use F-Secure KEY — our password manager — for free on one device. For more insight on how vulnerable your office is to online threats try our free Cyber Security Stress Test.

We now return you to the other 11 months of the year when criminals hope you aren’t thinking about cyber security.




I absolutely agree Sandra. Another practice, that goes hand in hand with this, is to not allow devices to “recognize my machine” or “keep me logged in”. Although these make logging in to our favorite sites, one step easier, they open us up to cookie and other web app vulnerabilities. So something like F-Secure Key can help in this case too, because taking the extra step to authenticate our device each time may seem like a burden, but having F-Secure Key helps reduce at least one of the steps in that process.

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