Yes, your PC is getting slower. But why?


I’m sure you know the feeling. You used to have a nice brand-new computer and everything loaded so quickly. It was a pleasure to use it. But now it is slowing down and you see more and more of the dreaded spinning hourglass, or some other animated mouse pointer. Yes, a computer is really like a marriage. Everything is so nice in the beginning, but friction is often building up over time. Both need some maintenance to avoid problems. 😉

You have to fix your marriage yourself, I’m not an expert in that field. But let’s take a closer look at the computer because it’s a lot easier to understand. First the three most common reasons for slowness.

  1. Your system is getting clogged up by junk. You have unnecessary programs installed and there is virtual garbage everywhere.
  2. Your system is just getting too old. You are running out of hardware capacity as you want to do more with the latest program versions.
  3. You are infected. Malware on the system is stealing your capacity.

I will in this article focus on the first point as it is by far the most common reason. But first a couple of words about the other reasons. Number 2 is pretty obvious. If your system is too old then you need to get a new computer. My only advice here is to consider if you really need a traditional PC or if a tablet could do the work. The mobile devices have a much more modern architecture, which improves security. Number 3 is also quite straightforward. If you suspect this, you just need to check out F-Secure Internet Security  or SAFE.

Ok, but now to the real beef. Your problem is most likely an messy system, but what to do? This problem is technically complex and there is probably a large number of smaller factors that all contribute to a significant slowdown. Now you have two options, do it yourself or get a cleaning tool. A lot can actually be done manually. Just Google for “speed up PC”, or something similar, and you have tons of instructions of varying relevance, quality and level of technical competence. Works well for nerds, but many don’t want to go there.

That’s why we made F-Secure Booster. I have been running this tool for a while on my computer, and it’s really a convenient way to keep the system in shape. You can clean a lot automatically just by a clicking a button. But Booster also has a fairly comprehensive set of optimizations that you can review and select one by one. So it’s easy to use, but can also keep the more technically savvy users occupied for a while. Quite a nice combination in my opinion.

So why not give F-Secure Booster a try right away? It may push the end-of-life of your PC forward by several years. And makes sure you get less gray hair.


Safe surfing,


PS. I wish there was a simple tool for revitalizing marriages too. And I leave it to you to come up with funny analogies between marriages and the problems #2 and #3. 😉


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Sounds like a really useful tool as I’m not a geek and I would certainly have invested straight away about 6 months ago, but a Hewlett Packard technical support person installed CCleaner and I use that periodically and find it very good. It is free, which is even better. What would make it perfect is if I can be sure which programs/files to clean up. I play safe and clean the minimum, like Temporary Internet files, etc.

Which brings me to F-Secure Booster. How much would it cost me? Is it better than CCleaner? Can you think of any reason why I should switch from CCleaner?

I would be exceedingly grateful for your advice.

Belinda Smith

Sorry for the late reply. Didn’t for some reason see this until now. I’m not an expert on how CCleaner works, but the free version seems to be quite limited according to the documentation. The best option is probably to also give Booster a try and see how it works for you. The free trial and price info can be found here:

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