How to show a little extra love with your tech gifts


The holiday shopping season is now in full swing. Cyber Monday sales surpassed three billion dollars in the US for the first time ever, essentially meeting earlier projections for the supposed biggest online shopping day of the year.

Adobe’s projections, published earlier in the year, say that one percent of available products account for 76 percent of holiday sales (up from 65 percent during the rest of the year). Furthermore, sixty percent of that one percent consists of electronic products, including things like smartphones, tablets, and PCs. These days, smartphones and tablets can be bought at a wide range of prices, making it easy to find something to suit your budget.

Now, if you’re like me, you probably struggle a bit with finding the right gifts for people. I’ll probably spend many hours browsing for the perfect gifts online, and then wind up buying a tablet (at least one) for someone around December 23rd, when I’ve essentially run out of time to find the more personal gifts I try to buy.

Don’t get me wrong. Tablets, smartphones, PCs, etc. These are great gifts. There’s a lot of different things people can do with them. And everyone, from students to grandparents, can use them. But if I were to buy a new tablet for my 92-year-young grandfather, I would want to make sure he’s protected from using the device for doing something dangerous online, like visiting malicious websites or getting involved in a phishing scam.

That’s why something like F-Secure SAFE is a great add-on for holiday gifts. SAFE is a multi-device security service that can cover different combinations of smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops, so it’s an easy way to protect different people that use different devices for different reason. SAFE lets users create their own “safe circle”, where they can invite people to use the service to secure their devices. So you can share it with family members or friends anywhere in the world, making it a great way to look after the people in your life.

Are you getting a new Windows 10 laptop for a student you know? SAFE will work for that.

Maybe you’re getting a child their first smartphone, and you’re worried that they might lose it or have it stolen? SAFE has a Finder feature that can help locate missing devices.

Maybe you just have a desktop of your own that you use around the house, but you want to keep it around to do banking and other organizing? SAFE has Banking Protection that makes sure your financial information stays protected when you’re signed in to online banking.

F-Secure’s latest version of SAFE (launched today) has been redesigned to make it even easier for people to use and protect devices and other people, so it’s a perfect add-on for any tech gifts you might buy this holiday season. It makes these gifts a little more personal, and lets the recipients know you care. And according to Antero Norkio, F-Secure Director, Device Security, it makes it easy for you to be the “go-to” security guy in your family, which is something he says is a role many tech people take within their social circles.

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